Patricia Kirkpatrick, MJ, RN, CPHQ
Executive Director, Clinical Transformation and Delivery
Kristine Groves, BSN
Executive Director
Rollin J. (Terry) Fairbanks, MD, MS
SVP and Chief Quality & Safety Officer
Randy Harmatz, MBA, CPHQ
Chief Quality Officer
Robin Betts, RN, CPHQ, MBA-HA
Vice President of Safety, Quality and Regulatory Services
Patricia Resnik, MBA, MJ, FACHE, CPHQ, CHC
Vice President, Center for Virtual Health
David Mayer, MD
VP Safety & Quality
Steve Burrows
Writer, Director & Producer
Bert Thurlo-Walsh, MM, RN, CPHQ
Chief Quality Officer
Chief Quality Officer – Milford Regional Medical Center
Carole S. Guinane, RN, BSBA, MBA, FNAHQ, CPHQ, BBSS
Healthcare Consultant
Healthcare Consultant - Cedars Sinai Health
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