October 16-22, 2022
Healthcare Quality Week
Celebrating the profession, and professionals, of healthcare quality.

Healthcare Quality Week (HQW), brought to you by NAHQ, is a dedicated time to celebrate the profession and raise awareness of the positive impact healthcare quality professionals have in their organizations and communities. Quality has taken center stage and more healthcare professionals are being called upon to do this critical work. The profession of healthcare quality has arrived at the intersection where preparation meets opportunity and healthcare has taken notice. Healthcare quality professionals are no longer the best kept secret in healthcare, so show your pride in what you do and what you care about.

Now it’s time to celebrate your achievements and learn new emerging strategies for our industry. So, sit back and relax, give yourself a big hug and pat on the back, and remind yourself how essential and valued you are to your institution, colleagues and the patients that come through your doors.

We’re incredibly grateful to you for your unwavering commitment to healthcare quality, so enjoy your week; you deserve it!

Healthcare Quality Week Begins
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