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Rebranding Quality
Monday, 10/16 at 12–12:30pm CST
Join NAHQ's CEO, Stephanie Mercado, in exploring a future focused on transformational leadership and shifting from compliance to excellence in healthcare quality, aiming to inspire the workforce to deliver their best rather than just fulfilling checkboxes and hoops. Don't miss this opportunity to reset the definition of healthcare quality and align teams towards achieving excellence in healthcare.
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"Bleed Out" HBO Documentary
Tuesday, 10/17 at 12–1:30 pm CST
Join us for an eye-opening journey into the heart of America's healthcare system in the award-winning documentary BLEED OUT. Follow a son's decade-long investigation, using archival footage and expert interviews, as he uncovers the shocking truth about medical errors, revealing them as the third leading cause of death in the United States.
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"Bleed Out" Documentary Discussion
Wednesday, 10/18 at 12–1:15pm CST
Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with a panel of experts on HBO's "Bleed Out" documentary. Explore key themes like telehealth, data ethics, workforce competence, and accountability, and gain insights to drive change in your organization, all while engaging in a meaningful conversation about medical errors.
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Chief Quality Officers: Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Lead
Thursday, 10/19 at 12–1:00 PM CST
Learn from a panel of Chief Quality Officers (CQOs) about strategies and steps they employ to advance quality and safety in their organizations, emphasizing the importance of their specialized knowledge and skills in reducing costs and improving patient care.
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NAHQ Update
Thursday, 10/19 at 3–4:00 PM CST
NAHQ is moving the needle on healthcare. Hear from NAHQ leadership about NAHQ’s success this past year, where we are headed as an organization and profession and how together we will make an even bigger impact.
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Ethical Leadership: Creating Psychological Safety at all Levels of the Organization
Friday, 10/20 at 12–12:45 PM CST
Join us for a transformative session addressing the surprising finding that 41% of healthcare quality professionals do not see themselves as responsible for integrating ethical standards into their practice. Discover actionable strategies to foster a psychologically safe healthcare environment and promote ethical practices for delivering top-quality care.
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Yes, you can find all the links to register here.

No, all sessions are free for everyone.

Session Information

All webinars, with the exception of "Bleed Out" Documentary, will be available for complimentary access after Healthcare Quality Week. They will be available here one-to-two weeks after Healthcare Quality Week.

CPHQ CE will be the only continuing education credits offered during Healthcare Quality Week.

To input your CPHQ credits and to recertify online, visit your online recertification account . Please contact Member Services at info@nahq.org or 847.375.4720 for assistance in accessing your account.

Rebranding Quality: .5 CPHQ CE
Bleed Out Documentary Discussion: 1.25 CPHQ CE
Chief Quality Officers: Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Lead: 1 CPHQ CE
Ethical Leadership: Creating Psychological Safety at all Levels of the Organization: .75 CPHQ CE


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