Resources for Healthcare Quality Week

Healthcare Quality Week Planning Guide

Healthcare Quality Week was established by NAHQ in 1985, to recognize and celebrate the contribution of healthcare quality experts in their various organizations. Held on the third week of October each year, NAHQ holds a week-long celebration in collaboration with groups dedicated to improving healthcare quality. In 1985, NAHQ received a letter from President Ronal Reagan supporting Healthcare Quality Week. In 2009, NAHQ started their first-year partnership with Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to celebrate Healthcare Quality Week and one year later in 2010, NAHQ members had access to free patient resources during Healthcare Quality Week thanks to a partnership with the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ).

PSMF’s Actionable Evidence-Based Practices

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation takes a holistic approach to reducing preventable patient harm. Our movement brings patients, clinicians, healthcare organizations, academicians, payers, and policymakers together to address the complexity of healthcare challenges systematically. Our vision is a safer healthcare system with Zero preventable patient harm. Our primary means for eliminating preventable patient harm is the dissemination of Actionable Evidence-Based Practices developed by our multidisciplinary teams of experts that target the leading causes of death and harm in clinical settings. Actionable Evidence-Based Practice blueprints are streamlined step-by-step guidelines with a proven track record of improving patient outcomes and eliminating preventable medical errors when implemented.

NAHQ Presentation with PSMF CEO Michael Ramsay, MD

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